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About “The List”

History of the List: I started this list over 20 years ago as a way of personally informing helping professionals about my available trainings for continuing education credit. Over the years, this list has evolved into a method of communication for the helping professional community statewide (and further) to not only be informed about trainings from a variety of sources, but it also serves as a resource for viewing job postings, advertising or reading about practice announcements, posting or responding to referral requests, and more (see Membership tab for a more detailed list of benefits).

Why the List? The List is all about being connected — putting your finger on the pulse of the therapy community. You are not alone out there! Over the years the List has grown to over 3,000 members. As would be expected, over half of those are in the Lowcountry, where the List started. With this many members, sharing information by email has become antiquated as a mode of communication; it necessitated the use of a mass marketing/email program and then the creation of this website. The goal of this website is to reduce the flood of emails to members’ inboxes and hopefully grow the participation in the rest of the state to mirror what it is in the Lowcountry. New postings will be digested into a single email daily to inform you about new postings to the website.

Why different regions? We have separated the state into four regions. This will allow us to get time-sensitive, location-specific information to you quickly. This will also enhance the ability within the regions to network with each other more easily.

So what’s the Next Step? Glad you asked! Go to the Membership tab and choose your level of membership and join today! You won’t be sorry!

Personal Thank You: When I first started this List I had no idea it would grow into what it is today. I am humbled and appreciative of the direction it has taken and the faith people have put in me to receive communications from me over the years. Through their participation over the years, members share in this success by letting their needs be known as to what would best serve the helping professional community. It touches me when I hear someone tell me that they got their job because of the List. Or that they don’t feel isolated in their profession since there are so many opportunities for networking offered by the List. My hope is that the List will continue to feel personal to you as well as serve a professional need. Please consider joining the List today.


Barbara Melton

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